Snowkiting Lake Dillon

Megan got me a snowkiting lesson for Christmas.  Best present ever.  I flew out to Colorado in January and we got to head up to Lake Dillon where we met up with Antoine from Colorado Kite Force.  He showed me the basics of setting up the kite and getting it airborne without letting it whisk you right off the ground.  I flew the kite around for the first hour before it got super windy and a snowstorm rolled in.  The kite was more flying itself and dragging me face first across the lake at that point.  Those things are so powerful when you point them into the wind its not even funny.  It easily could pick you up, carry you 50 ft in the air and then drop you on your ass if you aren’t careful.  This guy wasn’t careful.  Snowkiting is a lot more like sailing than it is snowboarding.  Its 95% kite, 5% board but I loved getting out on the lake and experiencing it first hand.  Its only a matter of time before I get out there to try it again or rent a kite and get in the water.
-Tyler Grubb

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