Oyster Offroad

Its been awhile since I’ve updated the blog but now that I’m done with school for the rest of my life I have a little more free time to get on here.  A couple weeks ago Brett talked Rob, Bill and I into heading up to Glenwood Springs for an Oyster Offroad adventure race to celebrate his birthday.  None of us quite knew what we were getting ourselves into and the race’s website didn’t offer any real clues. 
We arrived in Glenwood in record time (2:15 from Denver) the night before and went to check in for the race.  After talking about our drinking plans and how Bill might have forgotten his running shoes, the people volunteering for the race were a little concerned that we might be out of our league.  Bill made a good point that all the teams running were gonna have uniforms and team spirit to motivate them throughout the day so we went to Wal-Mart and got some of our own uniforms.   P5210055
These really didn’t help our case when we showed up a bit hungover in the morning. 
The whole concept of the race was based around the events being secretive up until the start of the race when you were given a passport telling you where to go.  The Oyster Series posted the approximate race segments the following day:
Passport 1 - Glenwood Caverns - Foot 2.5 miles
Passport 2 - Treadz, Vaudeville Revue, High Country Gems & Minerals  Foot 1.9 miles
Passport 3 - Red Mountain - Bike 6 miles, approx 1700ft in vertical gain
Passport 4 - Mountain Sports Outlet, Foot 1 mile
Passport 5 - Post Independent, Bike 3.5 miles
Passport 6 & 7 - Grizzly Creek, Glenwood Canyon Resort, - Bike 6 miles, - Foot 3 miles, - Raft 3 miles
Total Bike - 15.5 miles
Total Foot - 8.4 miles

IMG_4580_5297 IMG_4549_5266IMG_4467_5184
The race was probably harder than running a half marathon but way more enjoyable.  I’d definitely recommend checking out the Oyster Series if you’re looking for a good time while putting in a strenuous morning of physical activity. 
The race volunteers were a little shocked when our team name was called for 2nd place in the Relay division.  I still think it was all in the uniforms.
-Tyler Grubb