Vail Pass Half Marathon

I just registered for what will most likely be the hardest race of my life.  It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t started training too much for a half marathon that takes place at 8,000-10,000 feet above sea level.  If I were back home in Oregon, that’d be like running up Mt. Hood a couple times teva_moutain_games_logo1over.  The Vail Pass Half Marathon is part of the annual Teva Mountain Games in Vail that run June 3rd –6th this year.  The race starts in the bottom of the valley in East Vail and ends at the summit of the pass around 10,500' feet.  All kinds of other events will blanket Vail valley over the weekend including kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, trail running, fishing and even stand up paddle boarding.  I’m hitting the training hard for the next couple weeks and hope to get up there to scope out the course sometime soon to see what I got myself into.  Check out the course profile to see just how demanding this race will be.
On another note concerning Teva, check out their contest to become a Teva Life Agent.  They are giving away awards of $10,000 for anyone to go out and achieve their dreams.  You just have to report back in the form of blogs, photos, videos and updates.  Pretty sweet deal.

-Tyler Grubb

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