Maroon Bells in a Day

Last weekend Katie, Megan and I slept in on Sunday before realizing we should do something productive.  They both agreed to a drive to Aspen after I told them it would only be a 2 1/2 hour drive (its more like 4).  We took off around noon and had a good day doing a short loop that hit most of the Colorado sights.  But only really got pictures in two spots…

Maroon Bells Summer 2012 002Maroon Bells Summer 2012 008Maroon Bells Summer 2012 010Maroon Bells Summer 2012 017Maroon Bells Summer 2012 019Maroon Bells Summer 2012 027Maroon Bells Summer 2012 032

This last picture looked a little different a few years ago when Chris, Jon and I skied the Northeast Face.

-Tyler Grubb

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