Mt. Tam

The Powell/Mason Cable Car goes past my new apartment every 8 minutes.  It starts at 6:00 AM and climbs back up the hill for the last time at 1:00 AM.  I’ve already gotten used to the jackhammer-esque ambiance it brings to my bedroom buts its still nice to get away for some peace and quiet now and then.  Last weekend Brett, John and I took off to do a quick trail run up Mt. Tamalpais just north of Sausalito.
The trail up was a little steeper than we had planned so our trail run gradually turned into a brisk hike.  From above the clouds rolling in from the ocean it felt a little like I was back on Mt. Hood looking over Hood River Meadows. 
Although it was nice to get out of the city and see some stuff that was actually colored green, the entire hike was a little tainted by the snack shack just beneath the top…  California for ya.
-Tyler Grubb

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