Escape from the Fog

Brett and I took off on Sunday to get away from the fog that continually blankets the city and ruins tourists' days on Golden Gate Bridge. We hopped on the 101 and crossed over to the north side of the bridge and drove up the hill into Golden Gate National Recreation Area. From here, views of the city would have been spectacular but you could only see about 20 ft in front of your face.

Instead we parked at the top of the hill and ducked through a tunnel that led to some trails on the backside of the hill. We ran a ways to the top but got stuck at a dead end so we backtracked and took the easy run down the road knowing that the way back up was gonna suck.
After getting a little lost, we followed a trail down to a cool hidden beach. We were both a little wiped from the long run so we took some time to climb the rocks around the water and look for starfish and sea anemones.

It was a nice little escape from the bustling city and we definitely enjoyed getting out of the fog for a little bit. Haven't had a good trail run like that in a long time, especially not with an awesome beach smack dab in the middle.

-Tyler Grubb

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