Dragon’s Tail Couloir

Rocky Mountain National Park has some of the most aesthetic lines I have ever seen.  After being introduced to the Terrain Park last year, I’ve loved exploring the park a little further for more lines.  Dragon’s Tail is by far the coolest one.  Jon and I had a beer and a burrito on Friday night and discussed a couple options until we landed on the Dragon’s Tail and it was a no-brainer.  Zach offered to drive and picked Jon and I up the next morning for a late start.  We were on the trailhead headed up to the top of Flattop by 9 am.  After a quick steep scramble on the other side of Bear Lake, we hooked up with the main skin track that was a well-established route straight to the top.  Just below the summit, the looker’s left side of the Y at the top of the Dragon’s Tail dropped away from the summit ridge.  We strapped in around noon and were relieved and surprised to see the entrance to the couloir wasn’t a 20 ft drop and the line continued without interruption through an apron onto Emerald Lake below.  After snapping a few shots of Longs Peak in the background, I was the first to drop in the upper bowl.  The snow felt stable after the first couple turns and I got a bit more aggressive before finding a safe spot to give the go ahead to Zach and Jon above.  We all ripped down the couloir one at a time next to the nearly 1,000 ft rock wall that towered over our right shoulders.  Some slushy turns down by the lake and a couple high fives wrapped up an awesome day.  I’ll definitely be back for round two sometime down the road.
P4090003        P4090012      
P4090032    P4090011

Dragon's Tail Couloir from Tyler Grubb on Vimeo.

-Tyler Grubb

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