Swimming with Hector's Dolphins

After recovering from strep throat from a rainy weekend on the Kepler Track, I caught a bus up to Christchurch to visit Megan for the weekend.  We rented a cheap car and drove out to Akaroa harbor where Black Cat Cruises offers trips to see Hector's Dolphins.  I wasn't quite sure who this Hector guy was but his dolphins were supposedly really friendly.  They are the smallest dolphins in the world and are only native to New Zealand waters.  The crew at Black Cat insisted that if we blew bubbles and yelled into our snorkels that they would be more interested in us and stick around longer  I don't know if that really worked but we were lucky enough to get some mono-a-dolphin face time with the little guys.

Swimming with Hector's Dolphins from Tyler Grubb on Vimeo.

-Tyler Grubb

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