Weekend in Christchurch

Yep, my girlfriend rock climbs in UGG boots.  How sweet is that.  We explored a cool rock/cave down at the beach in Christchurch last weekend that reminded me of the Oregon coast.  It seemed that everyone I knew was in the city this weekend.  We all wanted to catch the All Blacks game on Saturday night against the Australian Wallabys.  I headed up a night early so Megan and I could skydive in Methven Friday.  The rest of the weekend was filled with eating on the beach and Tim Tam Slams.



The All Blacks game was quite the crash-course in rugby but a lot of fun.  All of us international students finally got to witness the Haka before the game.  Quite the way of marking your territory.  After the game, it was off to Boogie Nights to dance the night away on the disco floor.

- Tyler Grubb

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