Dunedin Life

I’m just starting my second week of class in the southern hemisphere amidst cold nights and cloudy skis.  The climate here hasn’t been much different then the overcast weather I’m used to back in Oregon.  Only problem here is the lack of central heating that leaves us waking up cold every morning.  Getting out of the shower has turned into a race to get into warm clothes and to the local warmth of a space heater.   P7120004
I’m living on the 3rd floor of a flat that has become a cozy little home.  Also experimenting in the kitchen a bit lately and can make some tasty salmon pasta…look out Emeril.
I went exploring a bit the other day around the botanical gardens just behind our flat and found a maze of trails that wind up to a lookout over the city.  Its definitely gonna make for some good trail runs when the weather gets a little warmer.
This last weekend I made the 4 hour drive up to Christchurch to go skydiving and see Megan.  The drive up the coast is absolutely gorgeous with scenes of ocean cliff to your right and skyscraping mountains on your left….this country is ridiculous.  I’ll have to take some time to make it a more scenic trip some other time to share some pictures.  Christchurch was a cool city and it was great to see Megan and meet some of the international students she lives with too.
All of my flatmates and I are headed up to Queenstown this coming weekend for some southern snow and thrill.  Stay tuned…
-Tyler Grubb

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