Epic Snow up on Berthoud Pass

I got a chance to make it up to Berthoud Pass for a few backcountry runs today after our plans to climb and ski Torrey's Peak were scrapped due to inclement weather (-14 wind chill temps in the forecast). We got lucky over on the pass though and had sunshine with sprinklings of snow all day. Jon, Chris, Andrew, Colin and I trekked up the hill to find some epic snow stashes waiting to be ripped up. They all sped forward on skins while I struggled behind in snowshoes. Every time I go into the backcountry I get one step closer to buying a splitboard as I get more and more frustrated with tramping around deep snow in snowshoes with a heavy load on my back.

 I did get a chance to wear my new REI Shuksan hard shell which provides amazing protection against wind and wet snow.
One last pic of Jon shredding some gnar-shmellows...
 We got pretty lucky on our third hike up after we all heard (and felt) an ominous "Whoomp" as a crack formed across a 100 yard aspect that we were all crossing.  The two foot deep crack had us all pissing our pants as we delicately tip-toed across the snowfield into the safety of the trees.  Definitely a reminder that the mountain is king.

Otherwise an epic day up on the pass.

-Tyler Grubb

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