Winter Break

I'm back down at DU now and was tossed into the constant grind of classes and random meetings just yesterday. Its a long way from the laid back lifestyle I lived for the past 6 weeks at home in Portland. It was nice to go home for a bit and just relax with the family and not have to worry about a whole lot for awhile. I got to head up to Mt. Hood quite a bit to ride the fresh snow that seems non-existent in other parts of the country (aka Colorado right now). The second day up there didn't go all that great though as I landed on a fist-sized stump and think I fractured a rib. That kind of put a damper on the break but I was still able to catch a few Blazers games, snowboard after a little while, and head up to the Gorge to do a little hiking/snowshoeing. It's great to be back out in Colorado but I'll always miss Oregon for stuff like this...

-Tyler Grubb